Animal Control

Hollister Police Department is notified when animals are running loose and/or causing a disturbance.  There is a leash ordinance in Hollister, if animals are not in a confined space they must be on a leash.  When animals are impounded they are taken to The Taney County Animal Control Facility located at:

255 Critter Rd.
Hollister, MO 65672

  • Pet License are due January 1st of every year and delinquent January 31st.

  • Pet License are $3.00 per animal and a rabies vaccination from a certified veterinarian is required.

  • After January 31st a $25.00 penalty is added to the fee.

  • If a pet is impounded the $80.00 fee must be paid at City Hall and the receipt taken to the The Taney County Animal Control Facility in order to pick up your pet.

  • Per City ordinance only 3 (three) pets are allowed per household.