Waste Water Treatment Plant

Brent Daniels, Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

Brent Daniels

Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor
Fax 417-336-2307
Email:  Brent Daniels
Hours:  7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

The construction of the City of Hollister Waste Water Treatment Plant was completed in November 1998. The 3.2-MGD plant has two (2) oxidation ditches, four (4) clarifiers, three (3) diamond filters, three (3) sludge-holding tanks, ultraviolet disinfection and a state of the art SCADA system.

The Kruger designed SCADA system allows the plant to be staffed during day hours only.  If a problem arises, the system will page the plant personnel, and they can call in from home via lap top computer and either fix the problem or determine whether they need to come in.  One of the many features they system has is dissolved oxygen control in the ditches, this allows for rotors to be turned on and off, only when needed.  This saves big money on power costs.

The plant has a staff of four operators.  The plant supervisor has a Class "A" license.

The City of Hollister has joined the six cities that set in the White River Basin, along with Taney County, in a 21st century system of processing waste water.  The Class A Bio Solids process employs three centrifuges, one of which is located at Hollister, that spin the water from the solids found in waste water and produces a material that looks much like black dirt.  That material is hauled by dump truck to a central drying facility at Branson’s Cooper Creek plant where it is dried to a granulated charcoal product that is then purchased by an agricultural supplier for use as a soil additive.  This process replaces the land application of Class B sludge on farm fields.  The new process offers several advantages over the former process and will help with the environment in our area.