Rick Ziegenfuss, City Administrator

Rick Ziegenfuss

City Administrator
417-337-8315, ext. 4011
Email: Rick Ziegenfuss
Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Deputy City Administrator

Denise Olmstead

Deputy City Administrator
417-337-8315, ext. 4010
Email: Denise Olmstead

The City of Hollister, Missouri will work through a system of controlled growth to diversify its local economy while maintaining or improving the quality of life for residents.

Throughout this process, care will be given to the development of a community image that projects a safe, progressive municipality, working together to improve public value. This vision involves both public and private sector engagements of industry, government, and residential development in a dynamic, cohesive campaign, well into the future.

Hollister is rich in historic values and culture. In the early 1900's Hollister developed into a prime tourist area with a direct link to the rest of the country after the railroad was established.

The City of Hollister exists as a rustic locale set with Elizabethan architecture throughout the downtown business district located on Downing Street. This Old English style was mandated by City Ordinance in 1913.