Snow Removal Schedule

Snow/ice will be removed from streets in the City of Hollister in the following order.

Note: Knox Avenue from Princeton to East Hwy 76 will always be closed during snow/ice conditions.                                                                                                              

East Side of Town

  1. BB Highway from Business 65 to East City Limits

  2. Knox Avenue from BB Hwy to Princeton Avenue

  3. Evergreen Street from Business 65 to White River Mountain Blvd.

  4. Presbyterian Street from Business 65 to Knox Avenue

  5. Brianna Drive from BB Hwy to Hollister Elementary School

  6. White River Mountain Blvd from BB Highway to Rock Spring Court

  7. Hidden Valley Road

  8. Railroad Avenue from Business 65 to West Avenue

West Side of Town:

  1. Maple Street South of Business 65

  2. Maple Street North of Business 65

  3. Esplanade from Business 65 to and including Taneycomo Hill Dr.

  4. First Street from Business 65 to Esplanade

  5. 2nd Street from Esplanade to Elm

  6. Birch Street from Business 65 to South Maple

  7. Industrial Park Drive from Birch Street Dead End

  8. Blue Sky Lane from Business 65 to Airport

  9. Historic Highway 165 from Business 65 to West City Limits

All other streets will be cleared after the priority list.

Keep all cul-de-sacs clear for emergency vehicles.

Clearing Your Driveway

As you clear your driveway of snow, please keep in mind that the snow plow truck pushes snow onto the grass and into driveways.  With over 2,000 driveways, city crews are unable to remove snow windrows left by the plow.  This cannot be prevented, but you can minimize this problem by clearing a 15 feet long area in advance of the driveway.  Most, but not all, of the snow from the plow will be deposited in the clear area. Your understanding is appreciated.